Blaze Glass Bongs – verboten gut

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Blaze Glass Bongs – a forbidden pleasure

What is forbidden is often the most fun! Even more so if you belong to the illustrious circle of smokers who, in secret, devote themselves to their enjoyment ... a deep drag - a smile doing the rounds. And ... bong!

Connoisseurs cherish smoking paraphernalia of the highest class for such smoking ceremonies, such as 'Blaze Glass' water-pipes or more precisely; Icebongs & Percolator Bongs or even Mix & Match combinations from our 'Bong Builders Kit'. Also, of course, the matching accessories like bong bowls, diffusers, pre-coolers, adapters, Bong Clips® and ash-catchers.

The superior effect comes from how it flows

These glass bongs are produced and supplied wholesale by: Near Dark GmbH, Germanys largest wholesale HeadShop supplier and not just beautiful, but are also especially effective. We know, after all, what stoners want, as we've been supplying head-shops worldwide for over 20 years. The ideal way the smoke flows through our 'Blaze Glass' glass bongs gives a particularly clean filtration and optimal temperature regulation - so that the drag tastes great and is extremely potent.

Quality Water-pipes: Available to be Enjoyed

Blaze Glass glass bongs are made by specialist glass blowers in Asia and then checked by our German quality assurance. Thus, the 'Blaze Glass' brand stands for water-pipes which maximise smoking enjoyment - while still being affordable.